The Magic Towel

Pill sized Towel !

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A new product launched, nearly one year ago, with great success all over the world.

The 'MAGIC TOWEL' as it is named, is a new product in the form of a pill which from the moment it comes in contact with water opens and becomes a towel of first quality to use after lunch.

In dimensions, once the towel opens it becomes 240 mm x 250 mm (24 cm. x 25 cm.) which is a clever, original and impressive idea which will provide a solution to many business people who own restaurants, hotels, catering, generally food places and want to offer something different to their clients.

The towel has many advantages such as:

  • It can be also used as an aromatic towel by adding a different perfume each time in the water.
  • It can be used as a hot towel after lunch (mainly for restaurants where there is a contact with hands such as Restaurants with Sea Food, Meat, etc.).
  • It can become antiseptic by adding instead of water e.g. alcohol.
  • It is very impressive, at the end of the night, causing great surprise to clients.

THE MAGIC TOWEL comes in packages of:

  • 8 items
  • 100 items
  • 500 items

For great quantities there is the option of typing the logo of your company or of your restaurant on the package.

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