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Well-known German clogs are now available from

Birki Clogs from the German company "Birkenstock" which manufactures orthopedic shoes since 1774, is perhaps the most successful company' s product, since they most preferred by professionals who are forced to stand several hours a day.

All Birki clogs are made of durable and waterproof polyurethane (PU). This is a very versatile material and has some unique features. The materials low density makes the clogs lightweight but provides high abrasion results. The PU contains innumerable tiny bubbles, which acts as shock absorbers. Polyurethane is produced using environmentally friendly processes, without using the solvents OFC and FC. PU in a non-absorbent material, thus preventing a build-up of bacteria. It also protects against acids and alkaline, making the clogs suitable for laboratory or kitchen work.

Care for Birki Clogs: The PU clogs are machine washable in temperatures up to 60 C and the insoles for Super Birki's and Outdoor Birki's are machine washable in temperatures up to 30 C.

Fill out the form to order the clogs, available in black colour and sizes from 37 to 48.

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